Andrea has been an attorney since 1981.  She spent many years working as a family law attorney, representing many individuals as they moved through family court.  In addition she spent many years representing Guardians ad Litem (individuals who represent the child's best interest in the courtroom) in juvenile court.  She trained as a mediator in 1991 and since that time has added more ADR skills to her practice.

Today, Andrea limits her practice to family ADR.   She believes that although the court process is absolutely necessary for some people, there are other ways to resolve the family conflict that arises in divorce and parentage proceedings.  It is her goal to assist families as they restructure and resolve conflict.



Heather has worked with Andrea since 2005 as ADR Client Liaison.  In addition to being skilled at listening and understanding what ADR processes may be right for you when you initially call the office, she keeps the office running and can answer all of your questions about billing and scheduling.