Andrea began practicing law as an assistant county attorney in a semi-rural county in Minnesota. Much of her time was devoted to working in juvenile court. It was through this experience that she began to think about ways other than litigation to help families having difficulties.  She left the county attorney's office and founded her own practice.

As time went by, Andrea's practice became more focused on family and juvenile law, until she began to limit her practice to these areas.  She joined with other family law attorneys to form a law practice.  During this time she also thought a lot about how families could avoid the trauma and expense of the courtroom.  She also began to realize that her skills were really in helping people resolve their cases through processes outside of the courtroom.  Gradually she moved away from litigation in into neutral work first in mediation and later in parenting consulting.

About 10 years ago, Andrea decided, while staying in her firm, that she would no longer provide litigation services to individuals.  She added additional dispute resolution services to her "menu" of services. In 2013, she left her firm to develop Andrea Niemi Dispute Resolution LLC.

It is Andrea's goal to create a practice that is geared specifically to Alternative Dispute Resolution. She designed her office and works with support staff specially trained in ADR processes to provide a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to the creative resolution of family disputes.

Family conflict is hard, but with our office, staff and skills, we can help.