Parenting Consulting or Coordinating

A Parenting Consultant, also known as a Parenting Coordinator in other parts of the US, is a person agreed upon by the parties to assist them in general parenting issues as well as parenting time issues.  There is no statute which governs parenting consulting, so the parents and their attorneys may contract for the services they need. 

A Parenting Consultant role is generally much broader than a Parenting Time Expeditor role.  The Parenting Consultant educates parents in child development and communication and resolves disputes regarding any parenting issue raised by the parties.  A Parenting Consultant facilitates discussion and is authorized by the parties to make decisions when the parties cannot agree on an issue.   A Parenting Consultant often meets the children.  There is no confidentiality in the process and a Parenting Consultant may testify in court. 

A Parenting Consultant is appointed by the court upon agreement of the parents, and the parents then contract with a Parenting Consultant for services.